Ambir Technology Joins TWAIN Working Group

January 21, 2015 Jack Kasperski

By Mike O’Leary

We’ve just announced that Ambir has joined the TWAIN Working Group as an Associate Member.

The TWAIN Working Group is a not-for-profit organization supporting a universal public standard to link software applications—such as the operating system on your computer—and image acquisition devices—such as document scanners, signature pads and digital cameras. The goal of the organization is continuously enhancing the standard to accommodate future technologies.

Bottom line, the organization ensures operational interfaces between computers and image capture devices remain public and usable by all industry players.

As you may know, the vast majority of Ambir document scanners and signature pads have TWAIN drivers. These drivers provide simple integration into your operating systems. In addition, they help provide you ease of operation and quick return on investment. There’s a lot to love with TWAIN interfaces.

As an Associate Member, we will have opportunities to provide input updating the TWAIN standard and the TWAIN Toolkit, which enables software and hardware developers to build TWAIN-complaint applications and drivers.

All in all, this is pretty cool. Being involved with TWAIN standard development strengthens our commitment to open systems and easy integration of our document scanners and signature pads into the operating systems you rely on to manage business and professional practice critical information.

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